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All Digital Photography images are on 32″x43″ canvas Giclee’s $1000 Signed and numbered.  Limited edition of 40 each.   305 632 4638

• The “WaterGIRLS” Portraits in Water

• Romina

• Barbara

• Mia

• Mariella

• Rebecca

Digital Photography BioDIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY

I am Howard Austin Feld, the founder of HAF STUDIOS – one of the most successful catalog studio’s in America. Over the last three decades I have photographed every conceivable product/fashion for many national and international clients. In 1995 I was one of the original pioneers of digital photography and became one of the first fully digital catalog studios in America. In 1998 I decided to branched out to my esthetic side and created my own trademarked style, called Pixelimpressionism. My first signature gallery in the heart of South Beach on Lincoln Road opened in 1996 and my work continues to attract Local, National, and International clients. My artistic style depicts how I see and interpret color. I believe my color enhancements entice life and display a vision for the eye never seen before. I am also available for custom personal portraits as well. Never before has portrait photography been captured and presented in such a unique way. I will work with you personally to create a work of art that will last a lifetime. My fantastic 2 & 3 day photographic workshops, are intense, nonstop learning experiences. Assisted by his team of professional photographers, models, computer and Photoshop experts, I will teach you everything from basic camera use to advanced lighting. It takes place in my North Miami studio and on location in beautiful South Beach. You will learn how to see differently and how to capture images in fresh and responsive ways. I will use your ideas and vision to create your own work of art for a distinctive portfolio, or to simply enhance your photographic skills. I am a South Beach native, and I try to reflect my free spirit and energetic lifestyle through my art, portraits and workshops. 12680 Cyprus Road North Miami, FL 33181 • 305 632 4638

Influenced Digital Photography

Howard Austin Feld has influenced digital photography like no other photographer. Feld was largely responsible for the commercial use of digital photography.

First Leif Digital Photography Camera

His incredibly influential career starting in 1995 when he tested the first Leif Digital Photography Camera. This was when you had to shoot three images (1 red ,1 green and 1 blue) in order to capture 1 image. You could not shoot people in color at that time only products. In order to shoot a person you had to shoot shoot in Black and White. After some experimenting in Photoshop Feld created his trademark style Pixelimpressionism. Which is a BxW digital capture and then turned into color.  Kodak released the first professional digital photography camera system (DCS), aimed at photojournalists. It was a Nikon F-3 camera equipped by Kodak with a 1.3 megapixel sensor. After that time digital photography was on its way to changing the world of photography. In 1996 He went on to open his first Digital Photography Gallery on Lincoln Road in the heart of South Beach Florida.

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