Nudes: The Human Body

Art Form of The Human Body

Even though digital formats have taken a predominant role in photography, the subjects of photo art have changed very little since the beginning. One of the most popular subjects is the human body. Nudes, as they are often called, have been a subject of photography and even oil paintings since the beginning of recorded art history. Even hieroglyphs often show these forms. This form of art has been an incredible part of our history and continues to be presented in various forms. Digital photography has simply enhanced the fine tuned quality of the subjects.

David, The Human Body

Even with the statue of David, the human body has had an important place in our history. Often, the human body is controversial, but also has a way of presenting us with a sense of self. Showing both flaws and beauty at the same time, this type of art has the ability to reach beyond insensitivity’s and present itself as just pure humanity. Most often, the physique that is depicted is a person in an un-natural position with shadows providing a sense of mystery. Going back in history, the revelation of the body was considered a form of fine art as well as providing the sense of vulnerability.

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As time progressed from statues and oil paintings, Nudes were able to take on a new form of fine art through film photography, which gave the artist even more ability to manipulate the mystery of the human form. While a branch of this may have progressed towards the unseemly, the majority of this art has remained mainstream and is often displayed as art in galleries. The various parts of the human body, such as an arm or knee, can be depicted in a mysterious, yet sensual form that molded forms would not be able to provide. Click on link to view or purchase a Fine Art Giclee of Howard Austin Feld  Nudes:The Human Body;

The ability to use lighting with Nudes only adds to the mysterious forms. Both the male and female forms have proven to be popular. The artistic form of photography used tends to shy away from identifying the person, but rather present itself as a study of the human form itself. Using this newer form of art, photography provides insight into the mysteries of the human body, as well as the mind.

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